About Me, Myself, and not-you.

Age: Straight years: 29. Gay years: 48.

Occupation: Straight terms: Director of an auction house. Gay terms: High-end wholesale for really cool stuff.

Likes: Straight audience: Reading, chilling at the house, going out to movies and walking by the lake. Gay audience: gym, working out, exercising, running by the lake, taking care of my body, hitting the weights, starving myself after 5pm.

Dislikes: Straight audience: being hungry, getting up early, cleaning up. Gay audience: skipping a workout, not being able to hit the gym, ugly people, carbs.

One thing I can’t leave without: Straight audience: My Mom’s cooking! Gay audience: A mirror!

Most people Would be Surprised to Learn About Me: Straight audience: That I love to cook. Gay audience: It’s a tie: that I experience severe withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have enough protein powder to make a power shake post workout. That I blew my life savings going to see Madonna’s concert 11 times in one summer.

Life Goal: Straight audience: to be happy. Gay audience: to find someone who could love me as much as I love me.


One Response to “About Me, Myself, and not-you.”

  1. Mike Says:

    I think you are really funny. I like your sarcasm. It is spot on.

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