Hot Fun in the Chicago Summertime!

Over the course of civilization, different cultures have contributed a famous saying that has become emblematic of their respective philosophy. The Chinese say, “An ant may well destroy a whole dam”; the French say, “Do not look a gift horse in the mouth”; and the British say, “Toothpaste is only for the weaklings.”

However, most important of all, the millennia-strong superior culture of the Chicagoites (that’s us!) live by the famous saying “Screw this, it’s finally Summer!!!”

So ladies, prepare to get your chic on at this year’s Summer Solstice Beauty at RED 7 Salon next Thursday, June 11th, starting at 6pm.

The feast of glamor, beauty and fashion, assembled by the Chicago’s very own (and nationally featured) Chicago Girly Girl, will feature the unveiling of summer lines by Kate Boggiano, Lara Miller and Serpico. The shopaholics in the house will find comfort in the bagillion retailers who will feature clothes, accessories, and cosmetics to help you welcome the Summer of 2009.

So make your Chicagoite ancestors proud and be sure to sip on Mad Housewife wine, nibble on finger-licking-good treats from Fig Catering and get pampered with Red 7’s beauty treatments. Let the rest deal with their cutthroat ants and stubborn ponies.

Tickets are $20 and include a goody bag, so don’t forget to RSVP by calling Kristin Huey at 312-217-4111 or email



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