Moi? Sarcastic? Never!

The examples are endless: “Me? A snob? As in possessing a discerning palate that differentiates me from the rest of the riff-raff? Never.” Or how about “Governor Blago? Yes, love the guy. Upright, humble, simple, altruistic, wish he’d never left the political arena.” And of course, “Winter in Chicago? A total breeze, you barely notice it. Your cuteness will not be compromised, your skin will not turn green, and your favorite pair of boots will not be !@#$# ruined.” We’re just sayin’.

The theme, of course, is sarcasm, and only in Chicago will you find an exceptionally talented group of comedians dedicated to spreading awareness of the twisted humor’s appeal.

The Sarcastic Squad, founded by Adam Guerino, also features laugh-out-loud comedians Eric Lutz, Beth Sterling, Cameron Esposito, Mike Lee in addition to others on a locan and national caliber.

Opening its third season at Berlin this Friday, April 24th, at 10pm and running until May 29th, the show promises a medley of stand-up, sketch, improv (musical and otherwise) spread over two stages, with audience members in between.

Admission is $5, and includes DJ Greg Haus “Cosmix” spin, the electronica dance party known throughout Lakeview for bringing down the house. And no, we know what you’re thinking, this time we’re not being sarcastic, if you can believe it.


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