It’s Been a Lange Time Coming

For those of us who have lived here long enough to call Chicago a home, the idea of having four seasons sounds flat out silly. After all, in Chicago it’s all some derivative of winter, with the season stretching from June to August generally referred to as “It’s-Still-Not-Warm-Enough”, or, in some circles, “Next-Summer-I’m-Moving-To-L.A.” Admit it.

That said, instead of waiting for the warm weather to come, which may be in the next 2-3 years (no, not months, years), it’s time to think about creative ways to stay indoors without getting cabin fever.

The solution? The art exhibition this Saturday, April 4th by Karen Jo Lange. Titled, “Compartmentalized”, the exhibition will take place in five different areas at the John Calkins’ Showcase Home (1504 Byron St) from 6-10. Thirty pieces in total will be on display in the vacant single family home, and the artist, of course, will be available to discuss her oeuvre.

Considering that this will provide you with the comfort of being in someone else’s home, enjoying a great art show, AND keeping it light on your wallet, finding a better deal would be next to impossible. Unless, of course, you’re moving to L.A. this weekend.


Karen Jo Lange, Untitled, 2008


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