Tonight-Go Looney for Mooney!

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock for the past month, which, truth be told, would have at least kept your hair (and clothes, and shoes and new deerskin bag…ugh, don’t even get us started) dry as a cracker, then by now you know that Spring has finally come and you have an official excuse to stay outside your house for far too long. After all, what is the point of having good weather if you’re going to stay indoors?

A great excuse to leave your house this evening, for example, is the opening reception for three (count’em!) exhibitions at the John David Mooney Foundation.

The space, in fact, is used by the Edinburgh College of Art to showcase works by the school’s faculty members Gordon Brennan and John Brown, as well as the fellowship winners Janine Biunno and Rachel Gargiulo, among others.

The works engage in a relevant dialogue that touches on issues that range from personal narratives, to global concerns, and yes, some very Chicago-specific matters as well.

The exhibition will run through March 30th, and doors will open at 5:30p.m. tonight.
So throw on that fun little number you had been dying to try on since, oh, last year, and make it a date. Just leave your deerskin bag back home, just in case.


Gordon Brennan and John Brown, World-A-Rama, 2008


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