Think You’ve Got The Passion For Fashion?

It is that time of the year again. A time when penguins consider the weather far too hot to even think; when snow boots start feeling insecure about getting passed up for cute sneakers in the closet; when grass blades dare to stretch their necks above the ground; when it becomes okay to drop the “S” word—Spring.

As everyone’s favorite season (at least anyone who wishes they didn’t have to hide the goods under a stuffy, cumbersome coat), the change in temperature, mood and yes—style, will be celebrated in a great extravaganza, and rightfully so.

The 2nd Annual Spring Fashion Show will be hosted at The Palmer House by The Women Treatment Center on Saturday, March 7th. Titled The Passion for Fashion, the event honors the remarkable women “who have completed treatment and dramatically changed their lives.”

In addition to the exciting fashion show, an awards ceremony honoring Merri Dee and Sylvia Wolf will be followed by a raffle. The grand prize is a custom designed gourmet dinner for ten in the winner’s home by Food Network superstar Dan Smith of Hearty Boys.

With that much razzle dazzle planned, you’ll feel comfortable enough to kick back, relax, enjoy your time, and drop the “F” word—Finally.

For tickets, please click here



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