Attention Men–How To Get Your Groom On

It is impossible not to feel under fire by the myriad of technological arrows shooting over our heads on a daily basis. Most days are spent trying to grab–or dodge, depending on your state of mind–as many arrows as possible: a celebrity tweeters about giving birth; a friend texts dinner invitations; a significant other calls on the cell; telemarketers nag on the landline; a backpacking cousin skypes; an old classmate pokes on Facebook; a boss emails, and the list goes on. It’s a war zone.

Yep, it’s time for a break.

That is where Matt Leyes’ Men’s Grooming Parlor comes in handy. The recently opened space in Andersonville offers a peaceful atmosphere in a handsomely decorated space that feels like a cross between a stately English library and a cozy bed & breakfast.

Leyes, an Aveda-trained and licensed esthetician, is the owner of, and sole practitioner at the salon, which means that each client is provided with a personally customized service. Following a highly informative discussion about the client’s skin, Leyes proceeds to work his magic.

The services range from a simple brow wax and a first visit facial, to a chemical peel and an indulgent hot stone hand & foot massage. The more-than-reasonable price range is wonderfully varied, providing every man with the opportunity to have a unique experience at the parlor.

By the time you’ll leave, you’ll be equipped with all the relaxation, cool, and oh yeah–looks!, to take on just about anything that’s coming your way.

To book an appointment at the Men’s Grooming Parlor, Click Here.



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