Where Is an iTod’s When You Need One?

Far and few in between are those moments in life that we get to have a wish come true. Be it landing a dream job, saving enough to go on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or being asked to go on a date with the hottest person we know, it can happen. For many Chicagoans, the launching of Tod’s new line of handbags, shoes and luxury goods, hit the spot.

At a fine cocktail reception last night, the Italian brand showcased the latest of their must-have items for the season, to the delight of many of Chicago’s fashion aficionados.

Keeping true to their palette of natural tones (which means no electric-green-anything, thank goodness), sensible forms (which means no square toe boxes on men’s shoes, a double Amen on that), and the beautifully crafted “vacchetta” leathers that have come to define the company’s goods, the store boasted a superb array of items for both men and women.

Launching right before Valentine’s Day, Tod’s collection will surely be featured on many Wish Lists this year.


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