It’s A Beautiful Mess At Golden Gallery

Over the past few days, baseball fans were disheartened to hear some of the sports biggest players admitting to using steroids to enhance their performance. While we are not ones to pass judgment, generally speaking we prefer keeping things natural and real, which is all the more reason to love the recent artwork by Andrew Holmquist and Sonja Drummond.

Both Holmquist and Drummond, two recent SAIC graduates, draw inspiration from the Mumbo Jumbo of thoughts, fantasies and dreams formerly stowed away in the deepest crevices of their id.

Holmquist embraces the chaotic randomness of the uninhibited mind, as he lets it take over the canvas and dictate the ensuing direction. Drummond holds the spotlight to her subconscious and lets it do the talking.

In both artists’ work, the figural melts into abstraction and the orderly dissolves into a mess. The result is a dialogue that gives free reign to openness and process over precision and conclusion.

The show, Big Mess, opens on Friday, February 13th and runs through March 22nd in Lakeview’s premiere art gallery, Golden. Surely, it will have viewers applauding the courage of the ingenues artists, if not openly yelling “Homerun”.


Andrew Holmquist, Inside Out, 2009


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