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They’ll Spin You Around (Like a Record, Baby)

February 26, 2009

It has become generally acceptable to frequent a club or a bar for the chance to flirt with the hot bartender with the great smile or the sexy server with the smoldering body. But what about the DJ’s? While normally relegated to an unseen elevated tier above the dance floor, here are some of the hotties who will be raising the roof–and the temperature, tomorrow night:

DJ Voxbox
As one of the most interesting DJ’s to emerge in the scene in recent memory, this handsome sexpot orchestrates his Retromash symphony every Friday night at Wild Pug. Recently named one of the most eligible bachelors by Time Out, this Illinois native weaves his unique techno-robot-futuristic beat into some of everyone’s favorite tunes, from the 1960’s to present day.


Tevis Jory
If Dita von Teese had a younger, sassier sister, DJ Tevis Jory would be it. Tall, slender, and with the perfect mix of punk, spunk and style, this Wicker Park beauty takes command of the booth every Friday night at Northside. Spicing up the night with tunes that will have you dancing, singing and rocking it out, watching this girl in action is at least as entertaining as the music she so deftly mixes.


DJ Greg Haus
With his boyish good looks, a funky blond mop, and green eyes, this veteran DJ knows how to throw his crowd into ecstasy. Working his magic at Berlin every Friday night, this DJ has been sending electric shockwaves through some of the most buzzed about parties in town, including the bluechip MCA’s debut for Wolfgang Tillman. Don’t be surprised if you also happen to catch him at Neo, Hydrate, Smart Bar or the Funky Buddha Lounge–that’s what happens when you’re in demand.


DJ Shaka 23
The grand dame of electronic beats, this former New York City model has amassed one of the most impressive repertoires in town. Lavish New Year’s Eve parties at the Sofitel and W hotels? Been there. Collaborating with Boy George for Glamourama? Done that. This sought-after trendsetting femme fatale concocts what could only be described as musical cocktails: part disco, part electro, and a good squeeze of funk. Watch her serve it at the Victor Hotel.


DJ Ryan Paradise
Something about the combination of chiseled features, a smooth ‘tude and perfect mastery over just about any kind of music always gets us off our feet and up on the dance floor. Come watch this self-proclaimed “Graphic Mad Man” kick it off at the Wicker Park staple Debonaire tomorrow night.


One encounter with any of these sexy Chicagoans, and the conversation with the hot bartender and the smiley server would be limited to: “Hey, think you could introduce me to the DJ?”


Mardi Gras in Chicago: Viewers Indiscretion Advised

February 23, 2009

At first glance, it seems that with the Holidays and the Awards seasons being officially over, all major excuses to indulge in delightfully hedonistic activities have been exhausted. However, a closer look at the calendar reveals that one more indulgence—and the most delectable one, in fact—is left. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for Mardi Gras.

As the most festive day of the year, Mardi Gras celebrates anything hopelessly addictive, senselessly decadent, and outrageously pleasurable. So whether you like boys, girls, or both, here are the best events in town for Tuesday, February 24th:

The hardest bodies in Boystown will be working their butts on the bar counters to give patrons something to look up to, literally. A body spray-paint artist will be around to help anyone who might have come a little unprepared but then had a change of heart—and outfit, upon arrival. Admission is free.

The Spot
The Flaming Dames will be helping patrons usher in Fat Tuesday with their Bourbon Street Burlesque. Sexy, sassy and shamelessly seductive, the smokin’ ladies will be sure to stick to their mantra of “rocking out and taking it off!” Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here? Admission is $15.

Blue Bayou
The burgundy-lips-smacking ladies of Vaudezilla, including the pipin’ Red Hot Annie, will be performing at the locals-favorite venue. Following a performance by Daryl Coutts Band, the ladies will appear and the room temperature will quickly rise. All of a sudden, fogged-up windows will become your friend. Admission is free.

Kit Kat Lounge
Turning up the heat in Chicago will be the reigning queens of all things diva, daring and drop-dead-gorgeous, led by the legendary Traci Ross. A sizzling New Orleans-style selection of dishes and an endless list of glass-licking-good martinis will be the perfect fit for the masquerade ball. Like the drinks themselves, this event promises to have a generous splash of sexy and a strong scent of sticky sweetness that will have you wanting more. Admission is free.

Go to any of the above listings, and you too, will have no problem keeping to the one Mardi Gras pre-condition: that this will be the last of such behavior for the year. Unless, of course, a Holiday or an Award show come up.

Attention Men–How To Get Your Groom On

February 19, 2009

It is impossible not to feel under fire by the myriad of technological arrows shooting over our heads on a daily basis. Most days are spent trying to grab–or dodge, depending on your state of mind–as many arrows as possible: a celebrity tweeters about giving birth; a friend texts dinner invitations; a significant other calls on the cell; telemarketers nag on the landline; a backpacking cousin skypes; an old classmate pokes on Facebook; a boss emails, and the list goes on. It’s a war zone.

Yep, it’s time for a break.

That is where Matt Leyes’ Men’s Grooming Parlor comes in handy. The recently opened space in Andersonville offers a peaceful atmosphere in a handsomely decorated space that feels like a cross between a stately English library and a cozy bed & breakfast.

Leyes, an Aveda-trained and licensed esthetician, is the owner of, and sole practitioner at the salon, which means that each client is provided with a personally customized service. Following a highly informative discussion about the client’s skin, Leyes proceeds to work his magic.

The services range from a simple brow wax and a first visit facial, to a chemical peel and an indulgent hot stone hand & foot massage. The more-than-reasonable price range is wonderfully varied, providing every man with the opportunity to have a unique experience at the parlor.

By the time you’ll leave, you’ll be equipped with all the relaxation, cool, and oh yeah–looks!, to take on just about anything that’s coming your way.

To book an appointment at the Men’s Grooming Parlor, Click Here.


And The Nominees For “Best Oscar Party” Are…

February 19, 2009

Chicago has been the breeding ground for some of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences‘ biggest names: Jennifer Hudson, Bill Murray, and Frances McDormand, to name but a few. Therefore, it only makes sense that some of the hottest and hippest LGBT locales will be honoring the event, unofficially recognized at the Gay Super Bowl:

Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Bar
Per tradition, this Lakeview social landmark will be hosting their annual Oscar soiree, complete with half-price martinis, an assortment of delicious tapas, and performances by diva extraordinaire Candi Stratton as Cher. By this point, the $500 in giveaway prizes is just the cherry.

Wild Pug
Starting at 5:00p.m, the most recent addition to Uptown’s ever-growing gay scene will be hosting a special viewing party on their plasma screen-clad walls. An Oscar Pick contest will have one lucky winner walking away with a $100 Crew and Wild Pug gift card. Did someone just say “Next round is on me?”

Center on Halsted
The heart of Boystown’s community will be hosting a lavish red carpet reception and a live telecast, starting at 6:00p.m. Walk down a paparazzi-flanked walkway to the glamorous ballroom, where cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Tickets range from $75-$125, but the raffle prizes could have you walking away with a pair of round-trip tickets and hotel accommodations to Hollywood. Better check up on Brangelina’s dinner availability!

This famed video bar, normally thought of as the Megaplex of gay bars, will be sure to fill their patrons’ appetite for action and glamour with their Red Carpet Party. Sip on the special drink of the night, and be sure to do a few “fruit loops” to enter the unofficial known as Performance By A Leading Flirt. The winner will undoubtedly be seen in the Free Press’s Scene and Seen section the following week.

Hamburger Mary’s
Andersonville’s much beloved cute-as-a-button-down-by-Marc-Jacobs restaurant will be tuning in to the Gay Super Bowl starting at 6:00p.m. Patrons will be given ballots to guess the recipients of this year’s golden statuettes. The lucky winner will receive a yet-to-be-revealed surprise.

In a year where only one acting nomination is held by an Illinois native (Richard Jenkins), your chances of going home with a coveted prize are looking pretty great.


Where Is an iTod’s When You Need One?

February 12, 2009

Far and few in between are those moments in life that we get to have a wish come true. Be it landing a dream job, saving enough to go on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or being asked to go on a date with the hottest person we know, it can happen. For many Chicagoans, the launching of Tod’s new line of handbags, shoes and luxury goods, hit the spot.

At a fine cocktail reception last night, the Italian brand showcased the latest of their must-have items for the season, to the delight of many of Chicago’s fashion aficionados.

Keeping true to their palette of natural tones (which means no electric-green-anything, thank goodness), sensible forms (which means no square toe boxes on men’s shoes, a double Amen on that), and the beautifully crafted “vacchetta” leathers that have come to define the company’s goods, the store boasted a superb array of items for both men and women.

Launching right before Valentine’s Day, Tod’s collection will surely be featured on many Wish Lists this year.

It’s A Beautiful Mess At Golden Gallery

February 11, 2009

Over the past few days, baseball fans were disheartened to hear some of the sports biggest players admitting to using steroids to enhance their performance. While we are not ones to pass judgment, generally speaking we prefer keeping things natural and real, which is all the more reason to love the recent artwork by Andrew Holmquist and Sonja Drummond.

Both Holmquist and Drummond, two recent SAIC graduates, draw inspiration from the Mumbo Jumbo of thoughts, fantasies and dreams formerly stowed away in the deepest crevices of their id.

Holmquist embraces the chaotic randomness of the uninhibited mind, as he lets it take over the canvas and dictate the ensuing direction. Drummond holds the spotlight to her subconscious and lets it do the talking.

In both artists’ work, the figural melts into abstraction and the orderly dissolves into a mess. The result is a dialogue that gives free reign to openness and process over precision and conclusion.

The show, Big Mess, opens on Friday, February 13th and runs through March 22nd in Lakeview’s premiere art gallery, Golden. Surely, it will have viewers applauding the courage of the ingenues artists, if not openly yelling “Homerun”.


Andrew Holmquist, Inside Out, 2009

The Art of War

February 9, 2009

One of the fiercest arguments in the last Presidential election concerned the seemingly endless war. While both sides—one for its indefinite continuation and the other for its immediate ending—argued ad nauseum about the best strategy, design house Thorsten van Elten was able to find the perfect happy medium.

Designed by Dominic Wilcox, the War Bowl is a playful take on both of the spectrum’s ends. By casting plastic toy soldiers (available in red, white, and blue, each signifying a different war) into stunning centerpieces, the bowl simultaneously references the power of war as much as it connotes its futility.

Ultimately, the bowl is as visually engaging as it is politically provocative, and it is nice to see that both sides of the debate are equally represented. A more suitable name, perhaps, could be the New Era Bowl.

The bowl is carried by the bastion of good taste in Lakeview, ID Chicago.


The Perfect $8 Skinny Tie

February 7, 2009

The current economic slump makes it all-too-easy to find Sale signs dangling above clearance bins, perched on beechwood shelves, and stenciled in white bold letters on storefronts.

However, despite the sales and the Fata Morgana that you, too, could walk with a three-piece YSL suit for a dollar (hint: prepare to hear “So sorry, we actually just sold the last one”), many of the truly desirable items are still overpriced.

So it was a bit surprising, but highly welcoming, when we found just the right skinny tie—and at the full retail amount of eight dollars (a.k.a., the price of two venti Starbucks lattes)—at Lakeview’s uberfun Beatnix

The tie may not be made of the finest Chinese silk worms, or carry a hand-stitched label that no one can see, but it sure can compliment any designer outfit. Pair it up with a skinny white button-down and a hip sweater-vest, and your outfit will say “what recession?” as you walk into a room looking like a million bucks.