No More Mister Nice Gay

Okay, so now that Prop 8 has passed, we have official proof that the California sun can have detrimental effects that include–but are not limited to–a diminished cerebral capacity. As such, I, together with thousands of my homosexypants brethren, have taken it to the streets this past Saturday, November 15th. Despite our best wishes to put on our tallest pair of platforms and stampede the lumps of wasted DNA who had put on their best polyester foot forward to protest our existence across the street, we didn’t.

Instead, we marched. We marched for peace, for equality, and for love. We marched for lesbians’ right to hold a lawful ceremony, surrounded by their family and cats. We marched for gay men’s rights to hold a lawful ceremony, exchanging white platinum glowsticks surrounded by our “sisters” and tricks. We marched not for normalcy, but acceptance of difference. We marched for refusing tolerance for being merely tolerated. We marched because we need to not simply be heard of, but worked with. We marched because we wanted to spread that same love and strength that has kept our community together through thick, thin, thinner and bitch-please-I-can-tell-you’re-on-a-liquid diet. We marched because we wanted you, our straight brothers, sisters, parents, colleagues and friends to join us in our plea to catch up with the 21st century, and relinquish antiquated views of family morals. We marched because the word needs to be spread. We marched because we knew you’d care about the same basic thing we do.

So if you care–and we know you do, please sign this petition, it will only take a minute of your time, and allow millions of people across this country to enjoy an equality that would last a lifetime.


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