SOFA Chicago 2008: Running the whole gamut.

Whenever life seems to be going a little slow, I put on a pair or comfortable running shoes, and I run. Sometimes I run for office, at others I run from the law, and at times I even run a stop sign. And I know what you’re thinking (“What about running your big mouth, you arrogant knucklehead?!?!”) but I’d rather not repeat it. Maybe I’ll just run it by you. Or maybe I’ll just run the water to drown out your constant complaining. Or maybe I’ll just run a big company, hire you, and then have you run errands. *Sigh*… so many uses. I could go on all day. Let me run with it. Sorry, I really can’t help it by now, I just love running things to the ground.

So before I run out of ideas (I know, I know, just please be nice and keep reading) and run you out of this post (last one, I promise!) the most important run you should be making (other than away from me) is to SOFA CHICAGO 2008. The art fair, founded by Marc Lyman 15 years ago, is one of the most exclusive art fairs in the country, as it is solely dedicated to three-dimensional arts (sculpture, object and functional, hence the acronym). While historically relegated to the secondary tier of “craft”–as opposed to “fine” or “high–art, SOFA dispels any such falsities regarding object and functional art. Local, national, and international galleries alike are showcasing phenomenal work that breaks through barriers and confounds the mind. Bronze sculptures imitate crumpled bits of paper, contemporary carved columns resemble ancient spiritual totem polls, glass shards huddle to form a fluid wave, lumps of clay float like balloons, and massive bodies of steel are suspended as lightly as feathers. The scope of art is truly amazing, and proves once again that no matter how much art you feel like you’ve seen, there is always someone–you guessed it–giving you a run for your money.

SOFA Chicago 2008 will be running Friday November 7th, from 11a.m-8:00p.m; Saturday November 8th, from 11a.m-8p.m; and Sunday, November 9th, from 12p.m-6p.m. To purchase tickets, click here.

Lucio Bubacco, Mythological Dream, 2008. Litvak Galleries, Tel Aviv.


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One Response to “SOFA Chicago 2008: Running the whole gamut.”

  1. Kate Elliott Says:

    I always say the name Elliott has two arms and two legs. Fortunately, if you cut one off, you can still find us.

    SOFA Chicago this year, opening 2 days after the historical election and Obamapalooza in Grant Park, proved two things to me: We have a devoted audience, and there is still an appetite to buy. Once an addict, always an addict when it comes to art and beautiful things.

    Kate Elliott

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