Less Liberace, More Liberated.

You know, one of my recent posts prompted someone to suggest that I “find something better to do” other than “obsess about being gay“. Not one to overlook expressions of sincere concern from our readers, I decided to think of something better to do with my time. For inspiration I looked deep in the mirror to see if there was something more meaningful I could do, like a good tweeze, a shave or a pluck. But alas, perfection had already beaten me to my face. Frustrated by my fulfilled potential, I decided to pick up something to read. But flicking through the last issue of “It’s This Big!” I realized that I had already read all the ads cover to centerfold. So lastly, I popped a DVD in the player to see if any of the dialogue in “The Thai Ladyboy” would inspire me, but alas, nothing new.

Which is fine, because a place I know where I’ll find a truly great cause is the 16th Annual Hall of Fame Celebrity Auction, to be held at Sidetrack on Tuesday, September 23rd at 7pm. The auction benefits the 2008 Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame induction ceremony. For those of you who don’t know what that is, think of it like any regular Hall of Fame induction ceremony, only with a fog machine and strobe lights. The event is sponsored by Boi Magazine, Circuit Night Club, Firefly, J&L Catering, Ketel One Vodka, Miller Lite, Sidetrack, and Supergurl Images. And should this not qualify as “something better to do” with my time, perhaps I will simply go home and look for something less gay on television. Surely Bravo has a new show.


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