What–and Who–You Need to Survive.

You know, these are hard times that we’ve hit. In some strange way, however, this is time to rethink about what it is that we really need to get by–those bare essentials without which our existence could possibly be jeopardized. So I thought about what it is that I would have to have with me if I were to find myself on a desert island, and I have to admit I am pretty proud of myself for having come up with such a simple and basic Essentials list:  enough processed food for three years, a mobile home, a moped, a transatlantic bridge, a construction company, a telecommunications specialist, my family and friends, my cats, a yearly supply of mice, and Clive Owen. I know what you’re thinking: “but what about your silk kimonos?!?!? And your Diana Ross wigs?!?!?” And you would be right, but I like to think of myself as an essentialist from now on.      

Which is why I couldn’t be happier to know fellow streetteamer and superstar Amanda Hunt. Combining her brilliance, charisma, market savvy, and–need I say it–sass, Ms. Hunt, together with Michael Lyon, have launched Managed Futures Advisors, Inc. In an exclusive event held at the Waterview Tower last week, the effervescent Ms. Hunt and Mr. Lyons gathered some of the most powerful investors in Chicago to explain the enormous potential of their company, especially as a safe financial haven despite the turbulent economic waters. The wonderful thing about Ms. Hunt is her ability to explain the most complicated and jaw-breaking terms in the clearest way, that even a novice like myself could understand. So should you find yourself asking who should be on your Essentials list, be sure to consider MFA, Inc.

Michael Lyon and Amanda Hunt


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