Me, Myself, and Art.

While the country is concerned with the war in Iraquistan, the economic regression, the President’s lifting of the ban on offshore grilling, and Miss USA‘s impressively consistent record of flashing her samosa, people are losing sight of the truly important issue facing us this summer: How to make me happy. While I know that it may seem like I have it all–from mink lashes to pearly white dentures–I am just human too, and like most humans I am craving the most basic and natural thing, the one thing that people of all ages (especially 28-35), sizes (especially S-M), genders (especially Male), and body types (especially Athletic-Lean) crave and want and desire: to spend more time with me.

So in an effort to treat myself to a wonderful evening with myself, I decided to take myself out to one place that I knew would make me happy: a mirror store. But it was closed. So off I went to the next best thing: The Art Institute’s Evening Associates shingding-dong at the John Hancock Tower. It was a fantastic opportunity to see what the best of Chicago’s galleries (especially those located outside of River North and even Pilsen) have to offer for this summer: The Post-War works on paper and sculpture at Valerie Carberry, the latest round of Alex Katz at Richard Gray, and the Modern and Contemporary pieces at KN Gallery. While all galleries were united by the one thing that would have made them that much better: paintings of me, the exhibits were thoroughly enjoyable. Following the reception, the fiesta moved to the Signature Room, where a delicious (if carb-laden) gourmet hors-d’oeuvres buffet awaited attendees. Alongside the silent auction of couture dresses and designer handbags, I got to enjoy the variety of non-me’s all around me, and, of course–the fireworks. The best part of the night? When the windows’s tinted surfaces turned reflective and showed me the one thing that I know can always make me happy: me.

For more me, me, me, be sure to go HERE and read all about my musings about how difficult it is to be me. Don’t feel bad for me, though, the effort is totally worth it.


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