Best Things Come in Pairs

Okay, so now that the Summer has officially begun (at least by Chicago’s standards—grouchy, I know, but I can’t help it—I moved her from the Deep South where 80 degrees is a brisk Fall day), it is time to whip out two things (well, three if you’re a guy, but enough talk about fat, thick, oversize wallets, that’s what studilicious Tom Kolovos fashion blog is for, and if you really want to talk “size” then you may want to check out Marcus “Boom Boom” Riley’s and Jon “Hose You Down” Ibrahim’s posts. But yeah. Wait, so where was I? Oh, yeah, things to pull out (I almost lost track there—it tends to happen a lot—I go off on a tangent all the time, I feel that it helps me explore my darker side, but not literally “darker”; I mean, darker as in “hot damn, I’m digging the dim lighting in your crib” not as in “Everyone saw Eric’s ‘darker side’ when he bent over to pick up the soap bar in the shower”, that stuff would be wrong). So yeah. Darker. Wait, what? Oh yeah, TWO THINGS TO PULL OUT: sun tan lotion (yes, even when you’re going to a baseball game with Rikki Greenberg or rocking it out with hotstuff rocker Fayth ), and a c-a-l-e-n-d-a-r!

Why el calendario? Well, for starters, two major shenanigans that I will most defiliciously brag about this week (other than my ability to fake a Chinese accent when I’m approached for money on the street—a rare skill which is totally going on my resume, for the record) that will once again set me apart from the rest of the peons this week: The first is The Art Institute of Chicago’s A Signature Event for Evening Associates this Wednesday, July 9th at 6:00-9:30pm at the John Hancock Center (not to be confused with Will Smith’s Hancock Travesty), which will have members previewing the goods at Valerie Carberry Gallery (a personal fave, representing John Storrs—see left), KN Gallery and Richard Gray Gallery, followed by a silent auction by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers and drinks & hors d’oueuvres at the Signature Room. To purchase tickets make sure you go here.

The second event, taking place at the mega-ultra swanky Shangri-La Hotel this Thursday, July 10th from 6-8pm celebrates the launching of Managed Futures Advisors, Inc., headed by Streetteam’s own extraordinaire Amanda Hunt. To get more info or RSVP, be sure to email Both events guarantee an amazing opportunity to mingle with Chicago’s elite from both the financial and artistic scenes. So now that you’ve gotten your tan, your calendar, and oh yeah—your checkbook, make sure to indulge in this week’s only must-have’s for the cognoscenti.

To continue indulging in all things fine and refined, check out my blog later this week to read reviews and catch a glimpse (or ten) of the fun that I know will ensue.


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