SATC- Review

Okay, so the great thing about the SATC movie is that it doesn’t purport to give you anything more than what the title already promises–a great locale and mucho booty. So anything that follows–and if for no other reason than by default–comes as a great surprise. No need to explain the premise, if you’ve read this thus far you know what to expect, but one thing to keep an eye out for (and I am not revealing anything about the plotline), is that the movie feels a little…compressed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, entertaining and visually amazing. But–and yes, there is a but (and it goes without saying, multiple butts, daaaamn)–the movie does feel like it’s trying to resolve too much a little too soon. While it goes to a place that’s darker than anything previously seen on the show, it is constantly buoyed (and some will argue that herein lies its greatest strength) by the that very same element that made the show ever so popular–its humor, especially the one-liners from my partner-in-crime Samantha. It feels as though the producers were afraid to let this movie get tooooo serious and be anything but a Fun Summer Flick, hence the decision to keep it safe and wonderfully pleasing. Overall the movie is incredibly entertaining and worth every penny. But like a big, fat slice of a wedding cake, the icing, at times, feels a little too rich.



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