Chicago Arte Ahora!

Some of the most important thinkers of the 20th century, Kennedy, Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., and I, are all united by our undying quest for an ideal world. (More on me in a minute, be patient.) And many others have joined us in our vision, each interpreting their version of utopia differently. Some fought for immigrants’ rights, some fought for women’s rights, and some fought with immigrants over their women. But no matter the cause, all were united by the common need to make this world a better place, for me. A world where men with real and fake tans join forces to serve me cocktails. A world where men are not judged by their race, but by the size of their pecs. A world where men of all walks of life, millionaires and billionaires alike, feel no trepidation in loving me. I would normally segue into my personal vision of utopia, but we have no time.

So, a good place to see part of my vision come to life is this weekend’s Chicago Arte Ahora. As the first Chicago art fair to showcase the best of Latin American art, the event will be held at the hip River Easy Art Center and hosted by its president, Mikki Markowicz.  Co-curators Aldo Castillo (of the renown eponymous gallery) and private dealer Thomas Monahan have assembled a most distinguished collection of artwork, which will include pieces by established and emerging artists alike. From legendary Wilfredo Lam, Rufino Tamayo, and Fernando Botero; to Diana Solis, Gretchen Minnhaar, and Raymundo Andrade, the exhibition will boast the incredible range within the sizzling hot Latin American art scene. The event benefits the Center on Halsted, one of the greatest proponents for diversity and tolerance in the Midwest, tirelessly advocating social and cultural integration. As a celebration of art, culture and equality, I could not think of a better place to be on Sunday April 20th, from 6-9pm. Opening night for the exhibition is Thursday, April 24th, starting at 5:30. So let the mystique tan dry, put the dumbells down, put together a fun, sleek look, and join the festivities.



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